Have you ever wanted to watch a writer at work?

Beginning on November 2, I will vlog my writing session on YouTube as I work on the first draft of Moonwater Beach, the sequel to Inn Lak'ech: A Journey to the Realm of Oneness.

Since November happens to be National Novel Writing Month, I will attempt to reach a goal of 50,000 words, designating each Monday as "Moonwater Monday."

Setting the "stage"

I use to fantasize about writing in my private library, sitting at a huge desk surrounded by floor-to-ceiling stacks of dusty old books. But I found I require lots of elbow room when I write, so I don't like clutter.

Here's what it looks like today with lots of "stuff," including remnants from my birthday last week. (See the purple steel tongue drum and rainbow roses?) I write and podcast on one half of my L-shaped desk and create my arts and crafts on the other.

Today I will clean and organize my desk. Anything I don't need for writing (like my "IN" basket for mail) gets stashed underneath! Moonwater Beach is Visionary Fiction, so I'll be adding a little bit of crystal and light magic here and there. Check out the results next Monday!

Inspiration stations

For inspiration, the first thing I did was to create the front cover of the book with Canva. It's a free design program and it helps make the story real to me. Afterwards, I changed my computer's screensaver to the Moonwater Beach cover, so it is always on my mind.

I also created a Moonwater Beach collage card (featuring Snow and some of the book locales.) Usually, I copy and paste my images onto cardstock, but my printer decided not to print the blue colors, even though I just installed a new Cyan ink cartridge. (Thank you, Mercury-in-Retrograde.) Until my printer is well again, I created the entire collage with Canva as a PNG image.

To keep all my research in one place, I created a secret Moonwater Beach board on Pinterest, based upon my characters and settings. (I had created boards for Inn Lak'ech and Seaglass Christmas and it was a godsend.)

At the time of this writing, I have nearly 500 pins. Here's how it looks thus far:

My writing tools

I never know when (or where) I'll get an idea, so I have plenty of notepads and Pilot Precise V5 extra fine point pens scattered throughout the house. (Yes, I've tucked them under my pillow, too.)

Recently, I discovered the joys of stone paper, a great alternative to wood pulp. It may sound rough, but it feels lovely--like silk!

I'll be typing directly on Vellum (with my trusty Mac desktop computer) because it inspires me to see my writing already in book format, although sometimes I may switch to Scrivener. One of the great things about Scrivener is you can save your reference links.

Can't forget my Lucky puppy good luck charm! He's my one-inch mascot, named after a book I had as a kid, called Lucky Puppy. (It was a spinoff of 101 Dalmations.) Lucky was carved from a Dalmation Stone to bring positivity, joy, and clarity of purpose.

Okay, I'm all set for NaNo. "See" you on November 2!

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