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Eleyne-Mari Sharp began hosting and producing podcasts in 2009, beginning with Color Healing Radio, the world's first radio channel devoted to color healing.


The Wake UP, Lightworkers! channel debuted in 2010 as a Q&A panel discussion to help Lightworkers complete their mission on Earth.


Within Radio was launched in 2012 to inspire listeners to "go within" to find the answers they seek about health, relationships, finances, creativity, spirituality, and writing.

Do you remember the story of Pollyanna and the crystal chandelier? After hanging dozens of crystal pendants against a sunny window and watching rainbows of color dance upon the walls, she realized that the significance of her discovery could only be fully appreciated when it was shared with others.    


Like one of Pollyanna’s prisms, you are a multi-faceted wonder of love and joy. But what if Life isn’t going exactly as you had planned? What if you are unaware of your own sparkling rainbow of light?

A Rainbow in the Clouds invites you to explore the healing gifts of the rainbow rays—Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. 


In this illuminating podcast, host Eleyne-Mari Sharp shines light into the darkest corners of your soul with a guided meditation, visualization or journaling session. Episodes also include a Rainbow Crystal Grounding Meditation, Blue Sky Color Breathing, and a colorful tip on how you can become a rainbow blessing in someone’s cloud!


EMS2 _edited_edited.jpg
EPISODE 1: Look to the Rainbow: 7 Colors That Can Give You Hope
EPISODE 2: Postcards from Color Camp
EPISODE 3: Color 911
EPISODE 4: Scaredy Cat Black
EPISODE 5: Blessings of Gold
EPISODE 6: Color is Not Cancelled
EPISODE 7: Co-Creating with Color
EPISODE 8: Colors at War
EPISODE 9: Still "Colorful" After All These Years
EPISODE 10: Rainbow Wishes
EPISODE 11: The Color Whisperer
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