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Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Eleyne-Mari Sharp (pronounced "Elaine-Marie") is a visionary with many interests and a very eclectic background. A former Air Force brat, she lived in Texas, Alaska, Mississippi, Italy, and Germany during her first 17 years. She lives in Rhode Island with her retired yacht captain husband, Nicholas, and their mischievous little furbabies, Tim and Holly.


What is her writing background?

Since 1980, she has worked as a professional writer/copywriter/editor for television shows, advertising agencies, publishing companies, film festivals, and screenwriting conferences. She is the author of Inn Lak'ech: A Journey to the Realm of Oneness, Seaglass Christmas: A Little Blessing Mystery, Mad About Hue: A Memoir in Living Color, and Write Awake: A Conscious Path to Creativity and Change. Her writing was also featured in two anthologies: How I Found the Write Path and Simply Color for Everyday Living.


Does she have any works in progress?

Yes, she does! She is currently working on two Inn Lak'ech sequels: Moonwater Beach and Lightmover: The Illumination of Silver Violet.


Besides being a writer, what other credentials does Eleyne-Mari have?

In addition to being a writer, she is a writing muse, jewelry designer, and radio show host/producer. Eleyne-Mari earned certifications in color therapy, sound healing, spiritual aromatherapy, and crystal therapy. 


What does writelighter mean?

Eleyne-Mari coined the term to describe an "awakening" individual whose intention is to create conscious positive change through their writings.


How do I join Eleyne-Mari's mailing list?

Eleyne-Mari has two newsletters. When you sign up on this website, you will receive her personal journey updates. When you subscribe on Substack, you will receive her Writelighter newsletter about conscious and creative writing.


How do I contact Eleyne-Mari for an interview?

Thank you for asking. At this time, Eleyne-Mari is accepting interviews via email only.  

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