Inner Peace: Blue Sky Meditation

Color Breathing…it’s a very simple technique which you can use to direct color energy to yourself or to another person.

And all you need to do is to imagine a specific color and then breathe that color in and out. You can also visualize directing a color to the area of the body that needs physical or mental or emotional improvement. And it’s really quite amazing and it’s free and nobody has to know you’re doing it.

So, let’s try it now. Wherever you are at this moment, glance around you. Do you see a shade of Blue that you feel drawn to? And if you don’t see one, you can just think of your favorite shade of Blue. Most people like Blue.

Okay, so when you’ve selected that shade of Blue, I want you to focus on that Blue.

And imagine that you are being drawn into that Blue, that you are actually becoming a part of that color, just sort of melding into that color, like you’re swimming in Blue.

Blue is a cool and calming color. And I have to say that it’s the perfect color when I’m dealing with a stressful situation. Like flying in a plane with a child kicking the back of my seat or standing in a long line at the bank or the supermarket. I don’t know anybody who likes to stand in lines.

Actually—you know, when I’m thinking about it—I used it the other day during my dental appointment. And while my mouth was wide open and the light was pointing down on my face, I remember closing my eyes and I just breathed in and out Blue and it was very helpful to me. And my dentist was none the wiser!

Are you feeling tense? Maybe angry? Whenever I’m "seeing red," I do some Blue Sky Color Breathing, and this is how it goes:

Close your eyes and think of the clearest Blue sky that you can imagine. Isn’t that pretty?

And each time that you see a cloud, whether it’s white or a dark cloud, think of it as your thoughts, think of it as your anxiety or your grief, your anger. But don’t dwell on the clouds. Just notice them as they drift by….drift by…drift by…

Breathe in that brilliant, gorgeous Blue from the sky. And breathe out the Blue sky.

Once again, breathe in the Blue…and breathe out the Blue.

Breathe in the Blue…breathe out the Blue.

You can use this Blue Sky Color Breathing whenever you want to clear and calm your mind, whenever you need some instant Peace.

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