Camp Tales: April 22-30

I got teary-eyed watching the Closing Ceremony video on the final day of Camp NaNoWriMo. Ascension Cabin has become very dear to me and I was proud of our members' successes.

Like our cabin's flag (wait—did we have a flag?!), my inspiration altar came down at sunset on April 30. I confess I'll miss the twinkling lights and holiday cheer, but Desk Puppy shall remain on my writing desk because he has proven to be a faithful muse and guard dog.

Whole30 update—I got through it, I feel better for doing it, and I may never do it again. Now, don't anybody try and stop me, 'cause I'm ordering "a lovely cheese pizza, just for me!"

Monday, April 22

It's a rainy Earth Day and I am celebrating the planet by launching and sharing my new blog post, Save Our Planet: stop5G. I'm also writing my weekly Camp Tales, which has developed into a 4-part series. But what's happened to Seaglass Christmas? Piled under a lot of virtual snow which I don't feel like digging.

Tuesday, April 23

I don't feel like writing today, but I haven't abandoned my project. For holiday inspiration and research, I watch Home Alone on television for the umpteenth time. (See pizza movie quote above.) Instead of writing, I listen to an hour's worth of spiritual lessons from A Course In Miracles. It's been a long time since I picked up that book and I find myself drawn to it messages today.

I tried making some homemade mayonnaise, but the eggs separated from the avocado oil and it was one big unappetizing mess! (Usually, I use Cain's, but the soybean oil and sugar makes it a big no-no with Whole30.) As a backup, I've stored a few jars of Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo and it's not bad. Different, but not bad—and a hundred times better than the stuff I made!

Wednesday, April 24

Okay, we've had six straight days of rain now—no wonder I've been so grumpy! But the sun is back and I vowed that today I would get back to Seaglass Christmas. So let's resume the merry madness, shall we?

Chapter Twenty One: A Secret Divulged

You would think that Elm and Snow would be on their very best behavior at the Mother-Daughter Christmas Tea. You would think they would act like good little Brownies. Well, think again!

Thursday, April 25

Don't you just love it when a new character suddenly pops out of the ethers, changing the direction of your story? Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to outline! LOL

Chapter Twenty Two: A Not-So-Silent Partner

Elm hopes Snow will be a silent partner in their new venture, but Snow thinks she's a better Steffi Sleuth and wants to rule the entire investigation. True, she knows how to talk people into doing things they don't want to do. Elm knows that firsthand!

Chapter Twenty Three: Fish Woman Tells All

Snow introduces Elm to Fish Woman, an elder of her tribe. If a deep dark secret exists in Little Blessing, you can be sure Fish Woman knows all about it!

Friday, April 26

It's vibration-raising time! Cleaned hundreds of crystals today (through sound) and now my crystal cave/office is humming again!

Chapter Twenty Four: The Violet Lady

They know they shouldn't be there, but Elm and Snow have located the secret cave which may hold the secret to a long lost treasure. The cave is a portal which transports them back to Christmas 1648, the year when the original Puritan settlers landed in Little Blessing.

Saturday, April 27

I feel a bit guilty leaving Little Blessing, but I did commit to working on Dorfman's Greatest Bits on the weekends. Trying to decide if I want to keep this as a young adult book or change it to a regular adult novel. I have some interesting ideas about Maria's perspective and her backstory, so we'll see. Maybe I'll let Desk Puppy decide. (Bark once for YA, two for adult—good dog!)

Chapter Five

We get a glimpse of Maria's home life in Phoenix and her relationship with her abusive restaurateur husband, Marco.

Chapter Six

So sooner does Louie get back to Providence, when he receives an annoying phone call from Maria. What does he have to do to get her to lose his number?

Sunday, April 28

I've now officially surpassed my word goal—yay for me! So do I continue writing through Tuesday or do I honor myself and take a much-deserved break? Desk Puppy says "Take Sunday off!" And so I rest..

Monday, April 29

Today I ordered a few more bottles of my favorite new pantry staple, Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos Teriyaki Sauce. I added this delicious elixir to hummus, soup, stir-fries, and salad dressings, and it is oh-so-good.

Chapter Twenty Five: Inside the Cave

They've found their treasure, but someone else is interested in their discovery, a man in a boat with a fishing pole and binoculars. Is he really fishing—or spying?

Tuesday, April 30

I'm going to write as much as I can until noon because I don't know when I'll be picking up Seaglass Christmas again. Hopefully, it will before the July camp, but I have lots of other projects in the meantime. It would be lovely to celebrate this final day of camp with some real S'mores, but that's not happening anytime soon. In fact, I'm not craving sweets or chocolate at all, so I guess Whole30 has helped curb my sugar addiction.

Chapter Twenty Six: Candlelight Carols at Grace Church

Some of the best people go to church. And some of the worst people lie in wait for some of the best people.

My final word count is 2,000+ words over my goal!

Thank you for reading my 4-week series about my writing experiences at Camp NaNoWriMo. This is the final installment. Did you miss Part One? Read it here.


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