Fight with Light #2: Molly Sheehan

Welcome to the second installment of Fight With Light, an 8-part weekly series featuring 5G news updates and conscious Q&A with guest Light messengers.

Today's guest is Molly Sheehan, the owner of Green Hope Farm in Meriden, New Hampshire. Molly harnesses the unique healing wisdom of Flowers to empower positive change, support well-being, and nourish mind, body, and soul.

Molly Sheehan

What is your opinion about 5G technology? Since 9/11 the Angels and Elementals, our partners in all things at Green Hope Farm, have been warning us about the immense dangers of this technology and all its earlier iterations.  It is my opinion that 5G technology is antithetical to all life and must be stopped.

How can we bring more Light into this situation? When Eleyne-Mari asked me to write about her project, it made me think about another paradigm shift in history.

In the 1980s, during the height of the cold war, it looked like we were about to engage in a planetary nuclear war that would destroy all life. Dr. Helen Caldicott led the charge to end what she called the insanity of the nuclear arms race. She revived the organization Physicians for Social Responsibility and led 23,000 doctors to help educate the public and their colleagues on the dangers of nuclear war.  In my tiny town of less than 2,000 people, we responded to her call to action by forming the Meriden Peace Trust. Believing that peace is the abiding reality within each of us, we organized citizen exchanges with the Soviet Union so that we could befriend the people that many said we should want to annihilate.  

We raised money through the usual methods of a small town—bake sales and such—and then we sent our post mistress, the village minister, the town plumber and many young adults to home stays in the Soviet Union. We also welcomed many Soviet citizens to our homes for visits.  It was a tiny movement, but it helped.  At some point, the principle of the hundredth monkey prevailed and the risk of an all-out nuclear war began to recede.  Somehow we had collectively awoken to the literal fact that to destroy another, even one with politics we did not agree with, was to destroy ourselves.

So now we face so many imminent threats to life on Earth including 5G technology.  It is a new call to action to raise up our vibrations so that we are awake to the oneness of all life. It is a call to action to respect the sanctity of all sentient beings as deserving of life. It is a call to action to protect nature as an irreplaceable and delicate system of life sustaining beauty. It is a call to action to live these truths in thought, word, and deed. 

As each of us embrace all life with loving kindness, we contribute to healing our collective consciousness to the point where it will turn away from life-killing technology like 5G. Green Hope Farm Flower Essences offer tools for each of us to raise our own vibrations through the role models of the Flowers. Flower Essence remedies including Harmony with all Kingdoms, Indian Pipe, Enhancing Empathy, and the Sunflower Spiral help us experience our oneness in Divinity and our power to co-create a healed Earth. 

The fact that we can only raise our own individual vibration should not be disheartening. We have only to think of Greta Thunberg to know that each of us matters in this work to save the planet and ourselves.  

What steps have you taken to protect yourself from radiation and negative forces? After 9/11, Archangel Michael asked us to make a Flower Essence remedy called Golden Armor to help people buffer out all the damaging dissonance of this radiation and all the other damaging technologies we have created.  Golden Armor contains many Flower Essences known to help people protect the integrity of their energy fields from anything that seeks to disturb. 

Golden Armor is a remedy we have taken daily ever since, and we have encouraged people to use this remedy and share it with their animals. In addition, on a daily basis, I ask the Angels and Elementals to clear and protect the farm of this radiation. 

If you go to our website,, and search Molly’s blog for land clearing information, there are a number of blogs about land clearing techniques.  You can also read about Golden Armor there. We are also happy to answer people’s questions if you reach out to us on email at

The Fight with Light series about the dangers of 5G technology began with Eleyne-Mari Sharp's blog post, "Save Our Planet: #stop5G." Read the next installment, Part Three!


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