Fight with Light #5: Diantha Harris

Welcome to the fifth installment of Fight With Light, an 8-part weekly series featuring 5G news updates and conscious Q&A with guest Light messengers.

Today's guest is Diantha Harris, a Color Expert, Feng Shui Master, Alchemist, and Akashic Record Reader, among her many accomplishments. A resident of Michigan and Florida, Diantha is the author of two books on color. She leads a color-filled life herself and enjoys painting, reading, photography, and writing as her hobbies.

Diantha's mission in life is to leave this planet in better shape than she found it and to assist it and all people on it in the ascension process.

What is your opinion about 5G technology? 5G sounds as if it's very threatening to all life on earth, masked as a technology that will make our lives better. Very much like the Emperor's new clothes, we are being told a story about how great it will be when in reality, it can be used for crowd control and other pernicious things.

I am very much against 5G technology. I only hope our leaders are smart enough and have enough integrity to say no to implementing it.

How can we bring more Light into this situation? We can always fight evil and darkness with the Light. The Light will always win in the end when we use it wisely, with generous open hearts. It takes a concerted effort of all those who carry the Light to send light and love to this technology which will help to mitigate its effects.

If we react in fear and hatred, we only feed this technology. Winning in this battle requires courage and devotion and a deep belief that the Light is always the Victor. It wouldn't hurt either to work with local, state and national leaders in averting the use of this technology.

Already in Europe they are beginning to question its use, so we have examples of those who are approaching it cautiously as well we all should. Contacting your representatives in government and letting them know how you feel and that you are watching how they vote is always a good move if you want to have a voice in what happens.

What steps have you taken to protect yourself from radiation and negative forces? I am contacting my governmental representatives for sure, but am also using natural remedies such as Green Hope Farm's Golden Armor flower essence in my water and the water of our pets.

I diffuse essential oils, have a salt lamp, wear Shungite, and have orgone next to my computer and other electrical gadgets. I talk about this threat with others. I personally cannot wait for the Shungite jewelry you are making, Eleyne-Mari. I would like to be your first customer!

Finally, I call on the Light to fill, surround, and protect me and my loved ones, my community and the world. In the end, The Light is our ultimate Protector and Champion.

The Fight with Light series about the dangers of 5G technology began with Eleyne-Mari Sharp's blog post, "Save Our Planet: #stop5G." Read the next installment, Part Six!


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