Fight with Light #6: Dorothy Rowe

Welcome to the sixth installment of Fight With Light, an 8-part weekly series featuring 5G news updates and conscious Q&A with guest Light messengers.

Today's guest is Dorothy Rowe of Fairfield, Iowa, who experienced refined perception since childhood. Dorothy began using her abilities in 1980 within the context of a healing collective, working as a volunteer for world peace. Her perception of the subtle strata of manifestation allow her to report extraordinary details of this healing transformation, or energy work, to her clients. Her goal is to enable all her clients to develop their own abilities for profound self-healing. 70-80% of Dorothy's offerings are free through her website and YouTube. She also offers private consultations, webinars and distance (remote) energy work sessions.  

What is your opinion about 5G technology? All this world—physical and non-physical—is essentially energy. The more solid forms are more concentrated energy, the finer forms less concentrated. The decision to bring 5G to our world does not recognize this fact. Instead, it is based on a paradigm which sees our material bodies as independent from the electromagnetic spectrum—and that humanity will not be affected by major changes in the electromagnetic field around us. All of this is based on a more fundamental principle that everything in creation is separate from everything else. This belief seems to be validated by the limited information coming through the senses of perception. Our senses tell us that we are separate from others, that the world is made of boundaries and limitations.

I am not a scientist, and am not an expert on the details of 5G technology. As an energy healer, I am very sensitive to changes in energy patterns and nuances of the energetic field within us and around us. Bombarding the surface of the Earth with intense electromagnetic energy frequencies not naturally present will increase the intensity of the overall electromagnetic field. It is likely that these energies will not be aligned with the frequencies of our larger cosmic environment.

At this moment, the electromagnetic field of Earth is a microcosm of the Universal energetic structure. Unless the designers of 5G are taking into account universal electromagnetic order and structure, and attuning Earth's new 5G technology to work in perfect harmony with that, there is a high chance of problems accruing from this situation. 

How can we bring more Light into this situation? Awareness. Expansion of consciousness on a collective level will increase individual alignment with Natural Law. This will initiate a global evolution of consciousness. The forest is green because all the trees in the forest are green. Right? Ideally, as many people as possible would dedicate themselves to raising their consciousness and living their highest potential, acting as stewards of our world rather than exploiters. Due to the vast spectrum of people and levels of development, I am uncertain how many people are actually capable or willing to do this.

From my perspective, bringing the light of Divine Self to our world is the one sure way to stop what seems like an unstoppable train. 

What steps have you taken to protect yourself from radiation and negative forces? I practice energy healing techniques which support opulent health on many levels. One of the most vital for this particular concern is an exercise for the body's microbiome: Digestive Mastery Protocol. This exercise has the effect of bring a weak microbiome to a state of powerful, robust health. Not only will our bodies be affected by 5G, but so will the world's microbiome, all the plankton in the oceans, the plants, etc. Keeping the gut bacteria safe and ultra-healthy is a basic way to protect from the deleterious effects of 5G.

The other thing that I am doing is body scanning to increase sensitivity to subtle changes in my body's energy field. The advent of 5G will force everyone to become much more self-aware than ever before. When you know what is happening with your body energetically, it is possible to use energy healing to adapt, to modify unwelcome changes, and to build strength from the inside out. Here is a page which describes how energy healing works:

The Fight with Light series about the dangers of 5G technology began with Eleyne-Mari Sharp's blog post, "Save Our Planet: #stop5G." Read the next installment, Part Seven!


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