Fight with Light #7: Marina Jacobi

Welcome to the seventh installment of Fight With Light, an 8-part weekly series featuring 5G news updates and conscious Q&A with guest Light messengers.

Today's guest is Marina Jacobi, an intuitive channeler and energy philanthropist, originally from Bulgaria. Marina has direct communication with higher consciousness beings such as the Council of 9, 11 Dimensional Beings, RA, the Pleiadians, and an ancient race called the Letorians.

What is your opinion about 5G technology? [channeled from The Council of 9/Pleiadians]: 5G is a fractal geometry sonic soundwave that creates a ripple effect and restructures the ether geometry pool around your planetary grid.

When its design is to repel the vertical molecules, it is dangerous for all human structure because the human structure is designed by the modality of light waves that are fluent in motion and the direction is in the opposite spinning, compared with the 5G sound. But if you neutralize it with technology, it will have no effect at all because the system will be shut down indefinitely.

So you see, Dear Ones, not to worry. You are saved. And we will help you. Just keep the positive actions and thought and we will do our best for you.

How can we bring more Light into this situation? You are a human consciousness of the one particle and you are the creator. You hold all the power and you are it. Your belief system will create your holographic reality as you wish. It is a mirror image of your thought, emotions, and deeds and that is what will create your ultimate outcome.

Stay on positive thought, actions, and emotions and you will see/create a hologram with a positive outcome in every situation.

What steps have you taken to protect yourself from radiation and negative forces? There is no need to protect. You are the creator, even of the negative situations. If you hold fear, then you will project in the matrix around you the Hz of fear and in the end, your reality will give you situations for you to see as a reflection of fear.

You must know that you are the creator and stay positive and you will create a positive outcome, no matter what you see. Remember, you do not see it to believe it. You know it first—that is great—and you take the action with a feeling of joy and love. And that is what is going to project your positive outcome.

The Fight with Light series about the dangers of 5G technology began with Eleyne-Mari Sharp's blog post, "Save Our Planet: #stop5G." Stay tuned for Part Eight (the final installment) to learn how to raise your frequency!

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