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Let's All Take a Deep Breath

Have you noticed all the headlines about mental health these days?

Prince Harry opens up about his 20-year mental struggle.

Mental health issues on the rise even as Pandemic eases its grip.

Alleged cop killer suffered mental illness after losing job, mother says.

The most common postpartum mental health issues and how to spot them.

I grew up during a time when the words breakdown and depression were shamefully taboo and anyone who showed signs of mental illness were to be shunned by polite society.

Today's a different story.

Now people are jumping aboard the mental illness bandwagon on a daily basis, eagerly sharing their anxiety tales on social media to a supportive chorus of "Really? Me, too!"

Speaking of stories, I've been doing a lot of research about depression because my protagonist in Moonwater Beach discovers that her late mother—the beloved town nurse—was secretly bipolar. It's a sobering discovery when you learn the woman who was devoted to the welfare of others was in tremendous pain.

Even writers get the blues