Moonwater Monday: Week 1

National Novel Writing Month is in progress (can I get a "woo-hoo?") and I am busy working on my Visionary Fiction novel, Moonwater Beach.

I've won NaNo each time I participated, but this year is "a horse of a different color." Not only am I writing with a 50,000-word goal, but I am also recording a weekly vlog from five of my writing sessions. (I usually write for about 4-6 hours per day during NaNo.)

I don't know many writers who would invite people to read over their shoulders, especially when their manuscript is in the first draft stage. So why am I doing something so obviously out of my comfort zone?

To see if I can.

I like to challenge myself and I thought vlogging during NaNo might be helpful to writers, entertaining to non-writers. At the very least, someone might get a laugh, and we can all use a good laugh these days, right?

My writing space

As promised in my Book in Progress post, I did declutter, although I still have a lot of stuff on the arts and crafts side of my desk. But notice the fairy lights! (There are also several huge clear quartz and amethyst clusters in the upper right of this picture.)

It's too bad you can't smell my office because I have a plug-in diffuser that's releasing a delicious scent of Apple Cider and Pumpkin Pie that's making me awfully hungry. I wouldn't be surprised if my favorite chapters center around food!

Everybody ready?

My first "Moonwater Monday" session begins with with a chapter about my protagonist's nineteenth birthday party. A member of the Moonwater tribe (the only Native American community in Little Blessing), Snow Whitedove Smith was the best friend of Elm Sunday in Inn Lak'ech.

What you're about to witness is me typing and talking while working on a very rough draft of one of my first chapters. I guarantee there will be flubs, typos, grammatical errors, and the occasional nonsensical thought. And I do laugh a lot!

Sound like fun? Click the play button and be a fly on the wall...

Well, I survived Week Oneand only 4 more "Moonwater Mondays" to go! CLICK HERE to read how I prepared for National Novel Writing Month.


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