Moonwater Monday: Week 3

Today I take you to Sedona, Arizona, a place I've never visited.

Hold on—what about that old adage about writers writing what they know? How can they write about a place they've never been to and make it real?

I've got an answer for that because I, too, get annoyed whenever I read a book that mentions a place I've lived and it's obvious the author has never spent a minute in the place. Glaring inaccuracies pertaining to street names, the distance to the closest airport, and residents' speech patterns leap off the page at me like electronic billboards.

I'm very sensitive to what I write about Sedona, although successfully "reliving" the scents and sounds has been challenging. Thus far, I've created some new shops and a church in Sedona that do not exist, but everything else is based upon my research, which I'll tell you about in the video.

Today's session

I work on "Sedona Summer" and share tips about how to write about a real place without ever actually visiting it!

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at

Only 2 more "Moonwater Mondays" to go! CLICK HERE to read how I prepared for National Novel Writing Month.


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