Write Awake


Have you ever had a "nudge" to do something outside your comfort zone? That’s exactly what happened to me when I first coined the term writelighter in 2013, which basically means an "awakening individual whose intention is to create conscious positive change through their writings." 

Do you want to help raise the vibration of the Planet?  Do you want to use (and choose) your words to encourage Wellness, Peace, and Positivity? Do you want to learn how to speak with integrity and heart?

Register for Write Awake to learn how to open your heart, your eyes, and your mind to develop your highest writing potential!

Write Awake:

Introduction to Conscious Writing


DATE: Saturday, February 27, 2021

TIME: 1PM Eastern Time | 10AM Pacific Time

LOCATION: online

THEME: Winter Reflection



Featuring: writing prompts, affirmations, meditations, complimentary workshop mp3


Supplies needed: telephone or computer with internet connection, writing paper, one Blue pen or pencil, one clear quartz crystal, one feather or incense, one candle with lighter or matches, one glass of water


Thank you for registering for our free Winter Workshop!