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Back in 2013, Eleyne-Mari coined the term "writelighter" to describe her intention to pay it forward by mentoring and encouraging her fellow writers to manifest positive change through the written word.


After years of hosting writing workshops and motivational projects (including Writelighter BooksFirst Write, Ascension Cabin, Writelighter Radio Spa, and her Writelighter Blog), Eleyne-Mari has a new vision: to build a network of philanthropy-minded writers.











Are you a Conscious Writer wanting to make a better world? Let's do it together! 


The first step is to manifest a Directory of Writelighters to promote the members who are committed to raising the frequency of the planet by sharing their gifts and living, speaking, and writing their truth. 

Individually, the Writelighter's philanthropic goals may include:


  • Donating one or more of their books to a good cause (like the environment or literacy.)

  • Supporting other writers by sharing and "liking" their posts.
  • Presenting lectures and book readings at their local library.

  • Mentoring newbie writers.

  • Hosting a writing event, blog or podcast to inspire writers and support a cause.

  • Offering partial proceeds of their writing product/event to a favorite charity.

Interested in joining us? Email for application details.