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Hygge Heartwriting

Is the darkness of winter leaving your writing cold and uninspired? Do you need a little self love?
Light a scented candle, wrap yourself in a cozy wool blanket, and embrace the season with Eleyne-Mari's illuminating Writing and Wellness Retreat!

Hygge Heartwriting 

TYPE: audio class


THEME: cozy writing, self care

RUNNING TIME: 2 hours, 7 minutes

FEATURING: writing prompts, affirmations, visualizations, and 62-page Hygge workbook

WRITING LEVEL: beginning and experienced 


  • An introduction to hygge

  • Creating a cozy writing space with color and scents

  • Hygge writing muses

  • The importance of self love and gratitude


  • Crafts and food recipes

  • How to make aromatherapy treatments 

  • Writing prompts

  • Hygge playlists and book resources

COST: $22


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