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Is it time to share your wisdom?

Have you traveled the world? Did you discover buried treasure? Have you survived cancer or taken care of someone who has? Did you raise the one kid who called for a school-wide strike or made a mess of Aisle 10 in the supermarket? You’ve got the makings of a story there!

If you’re yearning to leave a written legacy, shake the sand from your personal letters and stories and join Eleyne-Mari Sharp at her virtual memoir writing spa for seniors.

Silver Stories™

TYPE: audio writing course for seniors


THEME: legacy writing and memoir

INCLUDESrecorded lessons with writing prompts and guided meditations, one Writing workbook PDF, one Spa manual PDF, and 32 printable memory cards

WRITING LEVEL: beginning and experienced 


  • The gift of being a "Silver" sage

  • How to increase your sensory memories

  • How to inspire word heirlooms with the colors of seaglass

  • How to write Legacy Letters to be treasured

  • How to pamper yourself with self massage, aromatherapy, and creative writing yoga

COST: $65


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