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Muse Sessions

You have your own unique writing voice. 


No one writes like you.  

No one thinks like you.  

No one has experiences exactly like you. 


If you're stuck, I can help you find your creative voice. 


Whether you are penning your memoirs or The Great American Novel, I will motivate you to open your heart and let your words flow!

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As a writing muse and former writers conference organizer, I've met thousands of writers with the same doubts and struggles you have. Nearly every writer I've known (including myself) has seen the value of having a mentor or muse and if you're reading this, I'll bet you could use one, too. Learn more about me here.


I will show you how to find writing inspiration from the world around you, including animals, art, children, color, crystals, flowers, places, trees, and water.

Should you become my client, we'll work on defining your story and characters. We'll explore various aspects of your writing life, including creativity, writing blocks, time management, boundaries, wellness, etc. (Please note: My service focuses on creativity, not editing.) 


Muse Sessions are conducted by Zoom, Skype, phone or email and may include one or more of the following creativity-expanding activities: aromatherapy, collage-making, color therapy, intuitive card readings, meditation, visualization, writing affirmations, writing exercises, and Eleyne-Mari's signature Write Codes™​.

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Ready to take the next step on your creative journey?

Order my FREE Writing Muse guide AND get 50% off your first Writing Muse session!

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