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Mad About Hue


"As a child, my favorite colors were Pink, Red, Magenta, Midnight Blue, and Thistle. But there were some crayons I didn’t like at all, mainly Flesh and Burnt Umber, which I thought were just plain gross."


Color therapist Eleyne-Mari Sharp has been mad about hue ever since she discovered crayons.


For hours she would lie on her stomach with her feet pointing skyward, immersed in her own little coloring world of castles and horses and everything girly. She knew color was fun, but had no idea it was an ancient healing tool, nor that she would one day set an intention to color the world.


As a military brat, Sharp was born to adapt, but often felt like "a walking collection of shattered glass with bits of crazy color churning inside me." In Mad About Hue: A Memoir in Living Color, she sheds light on her role as a daughter, sister, wife, survivor, and visionary as she reminisces about her color connection with an Italian villa, baseball field, country farmstand, Scottish festival, beauty pageant, haunted mansion, Rhode Island marina, holistic fair, sailors' chapel, German jail cell, and more. 


Mad About Hue is a memory kaleidoscope with a colorful new scenario in every chapter. In addition to over thirty essays, Sharp invites you to explore the power of color with a bonus section of meditations and exercises.


Learn about this painting in the "Colori di Latiano e Casale" chapter!
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