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Elm Sunday goes with the flow.


Her father is the mayor of Little Blessing, her mother owns a mermaid gift shop, and they live happily together with seven dogs at Sunday's Marina, overlooking beautiful Creation Cove.


But the tide turns when Elm’s sailor boyfriend is murdered and her beloved father is swallowed by the sea. 


During a Halloween sailing party, a drugged-out Elm causes the boat to capsize and her 18-year-old body is never found. She "awakens" to find herself rescued by a mysterious old woman who takes her to a remote luxury inn.


After enduring a series of inn-lightening treatments, Elm receives an important assignment. If she succeeds, it could advance her soul level. 


But is she ready to face the traitor element of Water, to help the one person she vowed never to forgive?

Inn Lak'ech: A Journey to the Realm of Oneness


    Available in format.

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