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Virginia can barely recall a time when she was not working as the school librarian in her charming New England hometown. Now she’s retired, the autumn leaves are falling, and she’s feeling antsy.


Determined not to let her fading memory and considerable aches and pains get in the way of sharing her love for books and literacy, the spunky septuagenarian builds a little library on her front lawn. At the grand opening, she enjoys laughing and reminiscing with her friends and neighbors, some of whom haven’t quite grasped the concept of "Take One, Leave One." 


The next week she discovers that vandals have desecrated her "sacred ground." As she mourns her library, an old friend presents a surprising offer. But can her poor heart take another life change?


Written by Eleyne-Mari Sharp. A Writelighter Books publication.

Take One, Leave One


    You will receive a PDF version of Take One, Leave One.

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