I stopped writing last weekend and the world did not end. Not even close.

During previous NaNoWriMo years, I would be writing fast and furiously at 12:00AM on November 1, barely recognizing the outside world until I reached my 50,000 word goal, usually long before the end of the month.

But 2020 has been different.

I've found it difficult keeping my nose to the writing grindstone because of one huge distraction: I've allowed the presidential election to take over my brain!

Last week I sat in the living room chair punching the television controls like some obsessed news junkie, anxiously awaiting for Breaking News to tell me who the heck our next President would be. And when the announcement finally—mercifully—came, an emotional dam burst somewhere inside me. Luckily, I had plenty of Kleenex and a mop on hand! 

The sun returned with great fanfare on Saturday and Sunday, promptingmy prism suncatcher to twirl good Chi like crazy. Yet despite all the happy rainbows dancing around the room, I still didn't feel like writing, so I declared a 48-hour break with absolutely no guilt.

As I mention during my Week Two vlog, sometimes you just have to get up and do something before you're ready to write again. In my case, I got up and did a few sprints of high cardiac housework, accounting, and carb eating.

And now I'm happy to be back in the writing saddle again with all my Little Blessing friends, trying to manifest thousands of new words from nothingness.

I have my eyes on the prize and (as long as I avoid the bathroom scale and that darn Breaking News) I shall proclaim VICTORY!

Today's session

I work on "A Bee at the Lavender Festival" and talk about how to combat writers block.

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at

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