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Writing from a Higher Plane

Would you like to access the secret writing gems hidden in your subconscious mind? Discover the power of manifestation and connect with your Higher Self!


Whether it's resolving a personal issue or high-vibing your latest manuscript, this intuitive writing course will help you "go within" to find the answers you seek.

Writing from a Higher Plane

TYPE: multi-session audio course


THEME: mind expansion through intuitive and creative writing


WRITING LEVEL: beginning and experienced 


  • Manifesting (visualizing, aromatherapy)

  • Automatic writing (meditating, protection, light codes)

  • Celestial stories (moon and stars)

  • Crystal dreaming (clear quartz, amethyst, labradorite)

  • Oracle journaling (pendulum, tarot, oracle cards)

  • Rainbow reflections (auras, colors, chakras)


  • 26 lessons

  • 35 writing exercises
  • 1 attunement
  • 2 meditations


INCLUDES: affirmations, attunement, journaling, meditation, downloadable audio lessons, workbook, and Certificate of Completion


HOW IT WORKS: This is a self-paced audio course. All lessons are posted in a private section of this website. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to unlimited Course Login access to all materials.

COST: $298


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