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Searching for a summer writing adventure where the air is fresh, the sun is golden and the seagulls are squawking as they dive and glide into the ocean waves? 


If you’re yearning to shake the sand from your personal stories to uncover your own sparkling treasure, reserve your spot for Eleyne-Mari's virtual writer’s retreat of self-exploration!

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This virtual writing workshop includes

writing prompts



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"Before young birds can fly, they practice.  And so it is with writing.  To discover your own true writing voice, you must learn how to open your heart, try new things and sometimes plunge right into the deepest, darkest corners of your soul.  Then you just "wing it" until your words eventually take flight."

Eleyne-Mari Sharp

Author Eleyne-Mari Sharp will show you how to

~ be inspired by the sea, sand, and sky 

~ increase your sensory memories

~ raise your vibration through heartwriting

~ enhance your writing with aromatherapy and gemstones

~ unleash your Inner Child with dolphins

~ free the memoir writer within through creative writing yoga

~ remember who you are

Copy of WRITE AWAKE--Writelighter_edited_edited.jpg

Join the Wait List!

The dates for Summerbreeze Memoir Writing 2022 will be announced soon. Interested? Email us here.

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