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A Writer's Garden

Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting on a rustic, wooden bench at the edge of a beautiful garden labyrinth.

The bench is made of lovely, twisted grapevines, and sitting on it makes you feel grounded and connected, like you are a very tall tree with your roots firmly planted in the earth.

You remove your shoes for you know you will walk on a sacred path today.

Take three deep breaths, inhaling the fresh scent of the earth, the grass, and the fragrant flowers.

Think of where you are as a writer and where you wish to be. As you walk, should anything negative appear in your thoughts, simply close that chapter of your mind, as if it were a page in a book.

When you are ready, rise from the bench and walk over to the entrance of the garden labyrinth.

The green, grassy path is your path of transformation, a path to reconnect you with your writer's voice and mission. The grass feels soft and cool under your feet. Marking the path are large flat stones of shimmering, pink quartz. See how they sparkle like fairy glitter in the sunshine! Their wonderful pink radiance makes you feel hopeful, supported, and loved.

There are seven miniature gardens within this labyrinth.

Notice how the labyrinth moves in a gentle spiral path. As you walk along, concentrate on the rainbow of colors and what each can bring to your life. You are closing the book on worries and discouragement. You are closing the book on writer's block and procrastination. It is time to create a new chapter in your life.

The first garden you see is a grove of beautiful red roses. You bend down to gently stroke the soft, velvety petals.

Feel the warmth and energy of the color red. Red is the first color of the rainbow. It is the color of passion, enthusiasm, and survival. Red helps you obtain your material needs and it helps you to ground. Think of red when you wish to become more courageous in your writing. Breathe in the color red. Grow power and stability with red.

The next garden you see is an orange chrysanthemum.

Orange is the second color of the rainbow. Touch a chrysanthemum and become the color orange. Orange is a joyful color, so feel happy about your decision to become a writer. Think of orange when you wish to be more creative and motivated. Breathe in the color orange. Grow joy and creativity with orange.

Now, walk through the third garden with its sunny, yellow buttercups. Feel the sunshine and power of yellow surround you. Yellow is the third color of the rainbow. Yellow gives you better confidence in your writing abilities, no matter how many rejection slips or criticisms you receive. Think of yellow when you wish to improve your mental concentration. Breathe in the color yellow. Grow confidence and optimism with yellow.

Next is a garden of sweet, green clover. Green is the fourth color of the rainbow. It is the color of harmony and balance and abundance. Green gives you the gift of good physical and emotional health. Think of green when you are stressed and hurrying to meet writing deadlines and your balance will be restored. Breathe in and breathe out the color green. Grow good health and financial abundance with green.

You are now standing in the center of the labyrinth.

There is a crystal clear pool here and a small waterfall which flows into the pool. You kneel next to the pool and lean over to see your reflection. Your face looks rested and you are smiling.

You see yourself at a desk where you are finishing your book, your article, your screenplay. You see your name on the first page of your document. On the desk, there is a stack of assorted books. You see your name below the title of each of these books. There is also a stack of uncashed checks with your name on them.

You are a published writer. You see your family and friends joining you. They are praising and encouraging you to keep on writing. You have finally achieved independence, joy, confidence, and peace.

You are anxious to begin your journey back through the labyrinth and to live your dream, so you turn to continue your journey.

The path is leading you through a field of bluebells. Blue is the fifth color of the rainbow and offers you the gifts of peace and communication. Think of blue when you wish to communicate well and with truth. Breathe in the color blue. Grow peace and integrity with blue.

Soon you are walking through an indigo patch of deep blue-colored irises. Indigo is the sixth color of the rainbow. Indigo gives you intuition and imagination. Think of indigo when you seek wisdom in all your business dealings, whether it is with an agent, an editor, a publisher or a fellow writer. Breathe in the color indigo. Grow imagination and intuition with indigo.

Now there is only one garden left to explore, the violet-colored lavender fields.

Violet is the seventh color of the rainbow. It is the color of faith and spiritual meaning. In your journey as a writer, remember violet when you need to expand your horizons. Breathe in the color violet. Grow faith and opportunities with violet.

You have reached the end of the labyrinth.

You see your bench and notice there is a shiny colored object on the seat.

As you grow closer, you find that it is a brand new pen in your favorite color. There is a beautiful feather attached to it in the same color. With this pen, you are ready to explore the source of your pain, your creativity, and your love. With this pen, you have all the courage you need to write your stories.

You sit on the bench, feeling the richness of the earth below and breathe in all the colorful beauty which surrounds you.

You feel a powerful light emerging in you. You know you are safe and can write anything now.

You must write now. For you are, indeed, a writer.


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