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Shout It To the Moon

If you have known me for any length of time, you know that I am a big ol’ water baby.  

I am drawn to the energy of water and have always found it difficult to leave a bath, a pool or an ocean for some alternate playground.  Water is transforming.  It stirs up the inner waves of my emotions.  It cleanses my angst.

As wonderful as it makes me feel, I had never considered Water a messenger of words until recently (unless they were found bobbing along the waves inside a bottle.)  But I do know that our human bodies contain about 75% water and our behavior is greatly affected by the tides of the moon, so there is often a whole lotta shakin' goin' on during the Full Moon phase.

Whenever I feel a “bad” moon rising and my normally mellow self is about to switch into a crazed and raving lunatic, I'll sit down and do a little Moonwriting.

Normally, I would turn to good old-fashioned paper and pen for all my Moonwriting business, but I have a new “toy” now that is exceptionally powerful, one that combines writing with the element of water. It’s my portable aqua-colored Buddha Board, an amazing tool that allows me to take the plunge and “waterwrite” my feelings.

Beginning with simple words like “anger” and “fear," I set up my Buddha Board easel, dip my paintbrush into the water, transfer my thoughts onto canvas and watch my words evaporate into nothingness. ShaZAM! 

I have used the Buddha Board for praying, blessing, musing, healing, “dumping”, even for sending well-wishes to loved ones who have transitioned. And during the next Full Moon, I plan on packing it with a picnic lunch and heading for the beach.  Between the tides and my intentions, can you imagine how effective those messages of water will be?!


We all have an important mission:  To make Water clear again, and to create a world that is easy and healthy to live in.  In order to accomplish our mission, we must first make sure that our hearts are clear and unpolluted.  If all the people of the world can have love and gratitude, the pristine beauty of the earth will once again return. ~ Masaru Emoto

Like the Buddha Board, Moonwriting is about opening your heart, examining the life you have created and knowing that life -- like Water -- is always changing in form and what is true today may not be true tomorrow.  

Whether you use a pen or a paintbrush, I invite you to “shout” your frustrations to the moon!  Be bold and acknowledge that yes, you do have pain and yes, it does hurt and yes, you will write about it.  Get it all out now so your darkest shadows have no opportunity to fester deep within.  

I predict that when you finally release and move on, you will flow like water and feel infinitely better. As the ancient Taoists said:

The past is over.

The future may never be.

The present is all that exists.

Live each moment to the fullest.

Over the years, I’ve come to understand the many health benefits associated with writing and releasing. That’s where journaling comes in.

The American Medical Association says that journaling can actually improve our physical health. But I’ve found that journaling does even more. It can help relieve our stress, expand our creativity, and heighten our intuition. Journaling allows us to understand ourselves better and others, too.

So now I’ve combined journaling with the Full Moon because the Full Moon illuminates those things which no longer serve us. The Full Moon is the time for acknowledging a change or completion of a situation.

Before you Moonwrite, enhance your experience by lighting a candle, playing soothing background music, burning incense, holding a piece of moonstone or a clear quartz crystal in your non-writing hand, and opening your curtains to let in the Full Moon light. Then take three deep breaths and ask your deities, angels and/or spirit guides for love and protection.

Moonwriting will help you release your anger, your fears, your sorrow, and addictions. It will help you express yourself, gain insight, and heal. It is important to pour out your heart, no matter how angry or sad you are feeling.

Don’t hold back. The paper can take the pain!

Preparing to Moonwrite

Before you begin, you may wish to enhance your Moonwriting experience by:

  • lighting a candle

  • playing soothing background music

  • burning sage, Frankincense or sandalwood incense

  • holding a piece of moonstone or a clear quartz crystal in your non-writing hand

  • opening your curtains to let in the Full Moon light

  • taking three deep breaths and calling your deities, angels and/or spirit guides for love and protection


  • Moonwrite whatever you’re feeling at that moment. You could write a letter to your lost loved one, your doctor, a friend, a family member or yourself.

  • When the light of the Full Moon is combined with water, it creates Moonwater. It has been said that when one drinks Moonwater, many mysteries are revealed. Write a scene where a character collects Moonwater. How will it be used?

  • Write and complete this sentence: I would drink a glass of Moonwater if I thought it would help me release…

  • Write about a character who changes with each moon phase.

  • On the Full Moon, complete one or more of the sentences (below) and write as long as you need to. Don’t worry about the spelling and don’t edit yourself — just let your thoughts flow! Afterwards, you may wish to further cleanse by taking a purifying sea salt bath.

Today I release my anger towards……

Today I release my sadness about……

Today I release my shame about……

Today I release my addiction to……

Today I release my judgments about……

Today I release my fears about……


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