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Still "Colorful" After All These Years

I was so excited when I received my brand new deck of Starseed Oracle cards. Not that I don’t have, like, thirty decks already, but because this deck had been calling to me for at least a year and I finally got the courage to order it. I felt it was calling me home—not to Rhode Island or even anywhere on Earth. It was calling me to my cosmic home, as in outer space. The stars. E.T. Phone home.

Pretty weird, right? And in case you’re wondering—no, I haven’t been smoking anything. Not during this decade, anyway.

Let’s be honest here. Nobody wants to be labeled as weird. That means you are super strange and many people believe there is no place for weirdness on this planet. So you can imagine my surprise when in one of my daily readings, the message I received from my new oracle cards was to embrace my weirdness!

Hah! As if I haven’t done that already!

Growing up, I never thought of myself as a particularly weird kid. Just expressive. Creative. Imaginative. Colorful. Although if you were to ask someone who knew me, they might say otherwise. Weird is weird, right?

So what makes a person officially weird, you might ask? Do they wear outlandish clothes? Do they say outlandish things? And who, exactly, determines what makes all this weird in the first place? I’ll tell you who. It’s Society.

Back when I was a schoolgirl, Society dictated that normal girls wore their hair a certain way and their skirts a certain length and they never, ever crossed their legs at the knee or burped in public. They drew nice things in art class (like bunnies and butterflies), made conservative dr