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Writer's Playshop: Entrainment

It’s no secret that I’m passionate about the ocean. And color. And writing. So when I get a “nudge” to combine all three into one playshop, well, that’s not work—that’s a vacation!

Have you ever seen dolphins at play? They’re champions at having fun. They swim, blow bubbles, whistle to their friends and jump and twirl in the air. The ocean is their playground. Writers have a playground, too. It’s called the imagination.

One of the many things I’ve learned about dolphins is a phenomenon called entrainment

This was explained as the dolphins having the ability to rebalance the brainwaves of humans through a meditative, alpha-like state that produces euphoria. 

When people swim with the dolphins, they often feel happy and blissful, as if they are being propelled by the high vibrational energy of the dolphins. They feel as if their movements are synchronized with the dolphins.