As a child, I was told by my parents and teachers that if I didn't have what I wanted, I had to either accept the situation or create something.  So I was always creating things, like backyard carnivals and an "automated" lemonade stand from an empty refrigerator box. Or a four-tunnel tent in the living room that I had made from blankets and chairs.  I believe that "necessity is the mother of invention" and I practice it all the time. 



I really had some fun when I created my "Joywriting with the Dolphins" teleseminar.  In fact, I wouldn't have even called this work because the words just flowed onto the paper. Each of the writing sessions in the teleseminar are called "waves," and all you need to ride these waves is some paper, a pen, and an open heart and mind.


There was a time when I was frustrated from trying to change the bad habits of all the negative and abusive people in my life.  So I went to the local metaphysical store and I looked at their beautiful collection of Aura-Soma bottles and then I selected the Magenta-over-Turquoise bottle, not knowing at the time that it was called "Go With The Flow." I applied this colored water combination every day until I no longer felt like a victim.  But I think the colors also helped me awaken to the fact that life is a blessing and there is always something to be glad about if I just went with the flow and didn't dwell on the negatives. Hmmmm. Now that I think about it, they might have to rename this bottle "The Glad Bottle" because I did start seeing the world in a new light, like it was liquid Pollyanna or something!

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You know, I own hundreds of self-help and spiritual books and lately I'm only drawn to a few of them.  I am still awakening to what Life is truly all about, but even though there are spiritual authors and teachers like Louise Hay or Wayne Dyer or the Dalai Lama whom I still admire, I believe that all the answers I seek, everything I need to know is right here inside of me.  So I meditate, which is about listening, and then I find the answers.


I've become awakened to my true role on this planet. I'm a Lightmover and creative spiritual entrepreneur who is constantly searching for new ways to serve, to make a greater impact, to help uplift others, to save the planet, to be a rainbow in someone's cloud, to pay it forward—all of those cliches which seemed silly in my misspent youth, but now have great personal meaning.