Summerbreeze Memoir Writing

Searching for a summer writing adventure where the air is fresh, the sun is golden and the seagulls are squawking as they dive and glide into the ocean waves? 


If you’re yearning to shake the sand from your personal stories to uncover your own sparkling treasure, book this virtual writer’s retreat of self-exploration!

Summerbreeze Memoir Writing

THEME: life memories

FEATURING: writing prompts, journaling, meditation

WRITING LEVEL: beginning and experienced 


  • How to be inspired by the sea, sand, and sky

  • How to increase your sensory memories

  • How to raise your vibration through heartwriting

  • How to enhance your writing with aromatherapy and gemstones

  • How to unleash your Inner Child with dolphins

  • How to free the memoir writer within through creative writing yoga

  • How to remember who you are

COST: $22