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July 2024

Hey there! It's me—Elm Sunday. You know, the famous red-haired sea priestess from Little Blessing? The one who had all sorts of magical misadventures on Earth and beyond?  

Well, even if that doesn't ring any bells I’m here to spill a few secrets about our good friend Eleyne-Mari Sharp. Please, please don't freak out and unsubscribe! I really did get permission to take over this newsletter, but I've gotta warn you. I'm used to writing to a tree, so writing to a human being is pretty weird. No offense.

If you're familiar with my journey to the realm of oneness, you know that I’m connecting with you from a completely different dimension. I'm not really writing this—I’m thinking it—but I know you’ll still get it because thoughts are things. You knew that, right? 


E-M wrote two books about me, so I consider us pretty close. Not best friends forever, but close. The kind of friends who share the same bathroom or lipstick or hairbrush. (Gross.) That’s why she asked me to write her newsletter this month while she's vacationing. Oh, and because July 19 is my birthday, she probably thought giving me a soapbox would be cheaper than a gift.

So, let me tell you about the real Eleyne-Mari Sharp...

First, you know how a lot of writers start their day by drinking coffee? E-M doesn’t. She thinks it tastes like dirt, but she does like the smell. Long before I knew her, she’d have a Coke or two in the morning to wake up, but she quit the habit during the Seventies. These days she drinks nothing caffeinated in the morning, so she’s usually walking around in a fog until noon. Trust me, it's not a pretty picture.

Which brings me to…her insomnia!

For about a year now, E-M has had a disturbing sleep cycle. Three hours asleep, three hours awake, etc. And she wears this Hannibal Lecter-type mask to bed with a long hose that leaves these ugly red strap marks on her crepey sexagenarian skin. Oops! Did I overstep with the age comment? It's okay. E-M may be vain about some things but she has never ever hidden her real age. (Psst! She'll be 69 on October 23, so tell all your friends.)

Anyway, no matter what time she gets up, she goes straight to the computer and writes. It's like she's being summoned or something. ("Yes, Writing Master!") But I have to say it's amazing how much she produces in the wee hours of the morning, especially since her raccoon eyes are at half mast.

Did you know E-M was a Girl Scout? Yeah, so she's never forgotten that "Be Prepared" motto. Since she never knows when inspiration will strike (and her brain is often "out to lunch" because she's caffeine deprived), she’s got notebooks and pads all over the place.

E-M likes to think she is very organized. Seriously, she alphabetizes her herbal teas and spices. Her computers have folders within folders. And don't get me started about how she rearranged all the books in the sitting room library. Every thing had to be in its own category and alphabetized like a public library.

She also keeps a calendar for writing deadlines. But that schedule can change because sometimes she'll wake up with an idea for a new play or a new writing course and works on that instead. This strange behavior is why it’s taken her such a lonnnnnng time to finish Moonwater Beach


Now, what I’m about to share with you is—what do you call it? Controversial. Yeah.

You might have heard that E-M "channels" her books. I don't know for sure but it might be true, especially when she first wakes up. I watch her fingers flying all over the keyboard and sometimes I’ve caught her typing with her eyes closed. So maybe there is something to that channeling rumor. As her close friend, I'm happy to spread it! LOL

Another thing you might be wondering is does E-M ever "become" her characters? From what I’ve seen, I’d say that’s entirely possible. I do know that sometimes she wakes up with a new character or a complete dialogue screaming in her head and she’s gotta get it down on paper before she does anything else. But it’s not like she has multiple personalities or anything. If she did, I’d know about it and I don't. (And I just asked The Other Elm from Inn Lak'ech: A Journey to the Realm of Oneness and she said she's not aware of it, either.)

I really hate to say it but there's nothing glamorous about E-M. She doesn't write in a gold lame dressing gown, holding a snifter of Cognac, and sticking extra pencils in her perfectly coiffed hair. Usually, she's wearing a t-shirt, shorts, old bedroom slippers, and drinking some herbal tea concoction while she's constantly tying and untying her messy mane with a scrungie. Again, not a pretty picture.

Despite her obvious weirdness, I'm fond of E-M and grateful she's still around. She gave me life and some great stories and I hope to appear in future books because I find this whole book writing thing a lot of fun.

But should E-M ever decide the Elm Sunday sagas are officially over, I still plan on checking in, just to keep the old gal's heart beating!

Your friend for Infinity,
Mercy Faith "Elm" Sunday

P.S. Because it's my birthday month (did I mention that?), I whipped up a 2-for-1 sale on Inn Lak'ech and Seaglass Christmas ebooks, starring yours truly. But let's keep this a secret between us, okay? I wouldn't want E-M to think I took advantage of her absence! LOL


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