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Write Awake


Are you AWAKE yet?

Do you want to help raise the vibration of the Planet? Do you want to use (and choose) your words to encourage Wellness, Peace, and Positivity? Do you want to heighten your creativity and intuition? 

Conscious writers are visionaries. They are in tune with the rhythms of nature and the struggles for a better world. They write responsibly and pay it forward. 

When author Eleyne-Mari Sharp began writing professionally in 1980, she had no idea she would someday become a novelist, advertising copywriter, and writing muse. She also never expected to use unconventional methods like color meditation, crystals, and dreams to elevate her imagination and kinship with everything that exists.

Sharing insights from her own life experiences, Sharp helps you awaken your visionary self with over 200 writing exercises, 8 meditations, and      2 full writing workshops!


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