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Writing with Crystals under a Pink Supermoon

I'm always amazed how creative I am during a Full Moon. I sit with my trusty notepad and pen and the words just flow like water.

I'm expecting to write something pretty special tonight because it's not only a Full Moon, but a SUPERmoon, and a Pink one at that.

Okay, it's not really Pink. The name originates from the pretty phlox flower that blooms in eastern North America.

According to NASA, the moon will be its fullest at 11:32PM Eastern Time and I will be ready for it! Instead of journaling or writing prompts, I'll probably just freewrite but I can't wait to see what manifests.

Usually during my Full Moon writing sessions, I'll have a Moonstone or Clear Quartz Crystal on my desk. But tonight I will be putting my Rose Quartz front and center to enjoy all the lovely energies of the color Pink—gentleness, love, and compassion.

Of course, I'm not the only book author inspired by crystals.

There’s the stone of immortality in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, the Arkenstone in The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Mayfair Emerald in The Witching Hour by Anne Rice.

Here in my office, I am surrounded by crystals and I can attest to their amazing energy and benefits.

Do you remember that old Star Trek episode called “The Trouble with Tribbles,” the one where those cute little furballs kept multiplying? That's kind of like me with crystals—I started with one and now I have thousands of them!

I needed an area specifically for clearing and charging my stones. I couldn't find any ideas on the internet, so I joined a crystal group on Facebook which boasted over 170,000 members. Unfortunately, no one had any examples to share of a crystal clearing and charging station, so I meditated with my beautiful Lavender Quartz crystal and guess what happened?

Meet my new Crystal Spa.

I began my setup on a table in my home office (where I keep most of my crystals), which I draped with a plush green fabric I already had. The two-tiered metal shelf is a leftover from my Aura House booth, which I purchased from a job lot. In fact, I didn't purchase anything new for this project.

Here's how it works...

The bottom level is where I clear the crystals. If they can take salt, they go into the salt or lavender bud/salt bath. Otherwise, I clear them with sweetgrass incense sticks or the sounds of the crystal singing bowl, metal singing bowl, tingsha bells or 4096 Hz tuning fork. (The stones on the mirror and small white dish are waiting to be cleared.)

Next, I charge the crystals on the top level with Selenite and under the copper pyramid. Afterwards, my crystals are blissfully clean and ready to assist!

So how do I use crystals and gemstones as writing tools?

It depends. When I was writing Inn Lak'ech, I wore Aquamarine and Larimar jewelry because the book's environmental theme was water. During my sessions writing Seaglass Christmas: A Little Blessing Mystery, I set my tiny Dalmation Stone dog figurine next to my computer, inspiring playfulness, joy, and clarity of purpose. And in my unfinished short story, Reset, my main character created a "mojo bag" of Rose Quartz, Larimar, Smoky Quartz, and Blue Lace Agate after she read an article about certain stones that could help combat the Covid-19 virus. I fashioned a similar bag and kept it on my desk as inspiration.

Sometimes I am inspired to create special jewelry, like my Creative Writer bracelet. I made it with Blue Topaz (known as "The Writer's Stone"), Carnelian (for creativity), Citrine (for confidence), and Labradorite (for imagination.)

If you're interested in working with crystals to enhance your writing, here are my favorite crystal references:

  • The Book of Stones—This is a huge and heavy book with great pictures of high vibrational crystals, intuitively shared by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.

  • The Crystal Bible—Judy Hall has written numerous books on crystals, but this one is probably the most beloved by crystal enthusiasts.

  • The Illustrated Crystallary: Guidance and Rituals from 36 Magical Gems & Minerals—Both fun and informative, this is my latest crystal book "conquest." Written by Maia Toll, there is a bonus of 36 oracle cards. The illustrations are gorgeous, created by Kate O'Hara.

  • Song of Stones—Smadar Lorie is a gentle soul with a close affinity to the crystal kingdom. I appreciate her loving messages from the stone beings, as she calls them.

  • Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy—You say you want to see scientific evidence that crystals are more than just pretty things? You'll get that and more from this sparkly science educator's school and website.

Writing Exercise
Write a short story about how a clear Quartz Crystal helps your protagonist find their way through the darkness.


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