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Writing Detox: Letting Go of Fear

In my “Loving Pink” heart spa, we learn to raise our vibration of Love by detoxing from fear.  We do this through a little exercise I call “heartwriting." 

Writing Exercise #1
Pick up your pen and paper and for the next 5 minutes, write a list of everything you are afraid of. This could be fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being attacked, fear of animals, fear of loving, fear of losing someone you love…anything you can think of. 

Think of this exercise as if you were writing your shopping list. There is no judgment here…just release your fears on your paper. 

Writing Exercise #2
Next to each fear, write an affirmation that would help you detox that fear so you may achieve wellness. Write something like: “I have no fear of failure because I know I am talented and can always try again.”