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I Gave My Crystals a Vacation

One of my favorite writing tools on the planet is crystals.

Some may laugh, but I believe crystals have a consciousness. They’ve inspired me, calmed me, grounded me, and I can’t imagine my life without them.

I have amassed a collection of hundreds of crystals and gemstones and they’re all over the house. My home office hosts the majority of crystals — big and small — which is why I call it my crystal cave. I even created a “relaxing” Crystal Spa with salt baths and selenite slabs to pamper them.

One day I was searching for something crystal-related on the internet when I stumbled upon a website promoting the 30-Day Crystal Diet founded by Samaya K. Aster.

Formerly Naisha Ahsian, Samaya is the co-author of The Book of Stones and the now-retired director of The Crystalis Institute for Personal and Plantetary Information. I’ve never been a registered student, but I have followed her work for many years. I own her book and Crystal Ally oracle deck — and I believe she’s the first crystal healer to recommend vocal toning for clearing.

For the most part, my Stone Family sits and looks pretty until I need them. Feeling spacey? Crystals, ground me. Head hurts? Crystals, heal me. Attacked by psychic vampires? Crystals, protect me.

Up to that point I believed I valued my crystals, so I was stunned to learn that Samaya calls this the “magic pill” approach. She claims it is toxic, encouraging a “master and slave” mentality.

The idea that I had unwittingly recruited my crystals to serve as an army of energy slaves was shocking to me. Could it be that my beloved stones had magnified my emotions?

I wanted to build a real relationship with the stones, so I grabbed a notebook to record my experiences following the 30-day Crystal Diet.

Day 1–3: Going cold turkey I followed Samaya’s instructions to clear all the stones within four feet from my bed and work station.

I removed my aquamarine “day” earrings, pendants, and bracelets and cleared them with sound, including toning (or what I like to call “cleanSING.”) I also stashed the little muslin bag of crystals that I keep under my pillow.

With no jewelry on my body and the rest of my crystals and gemstones placed farther away, I felt strange and vulnerable during these first few days of detoxification, as if I was experiencing crystal withdrawal.

Day 4–9: Grounding stones — Pyrite Samaya said this healing period “ensures you are getting the proper spectrum and amount of energy from the Earth’s EMF.”

Each morning I set a timer for five minutes as I held my silvery Pyrite pyramid in my left hand to receive its message.

I saw visions of the earth and one day I sensed red light (the corresponding color of the root chakra), which is about grounding and material needs. Most of the time my thoughts centered on what I needed to accomplish like writing, medical appointments, and housework.

During the final days, I kept getting glimpses of family relationships that needed to be healed. On Day 9, I received the message of Strength.

Day 10–15: Cleansing/clearing stones — Shungite

For this cycle, I used a one-inch Shungite pyramid. Usually, it rests at the base of my desktop computer to shield me from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

“This purification period supports the physical detox and clearing you are doing with the water protocol,” said Samaya, “by helping any stuck energy or old patterns to be released.”

During my first meditation, I envisioned a room with a large floor-to-ceiling window where I could see a bright blue sky with a few white clouds. For the rest of the days, I was instructed to carry the Shungite wherever I went and assorted messages I received were about detoxing my thoughts and body.

Day 15–20: Emotional soothing/balancing stones — Rose Quartz

I didn’t have to think twice about which stone to work with for this stage of the diet. I already knew that Rose Quartz helps with self love and I figured I needed it, especially after being sick for a few days and feeling so down. But what I didn’t count on was all the negative emotions that would erupt from within.

I was like a bear who got poked. Everything made me angry and I wasn’t having any of it. Fortunately, this stage of the diet passed and I was able to deal with Life in a calmer, more loving way. Things that normally triggered me, didn’t.

Day 20–25: Creativity/passion stones — Natural Citrine

When I read that one of the things to do for the next few days was to exercise until I sweat, I groaned. My body hurts enough from the Lyme disease and arthritis. Exercising generally exacerbates the pain.

On my first Natural Citrine day, my creativity went through the roof! What surprised me most about working with this stone is how passionate I became about reorganizing my life. I was obsessed with tending to my indoor herb garden, creating recipes from my herb books, and decluttering spaces like the medicine cabinet in our downstairs bathroom.

On my final day with Natural Citrine, I received this message: Don’t step back. Move forward!

Day 26–28: Brain stimulators — Amethyst

During this period, I found myself drawn to reading all sorts of spiritual books, including my old spiritual aromatherapy textbook.

Even before I picked up my Amethyst I knew it was time to get back to completing a spiritual writing course I had begun some years ago. So many ideas!

Day 29 & 30: Amplification — Clear Quartz

“On these final two days of the diet,” said Samaya, “you’re going to amplify your energy field to increase the ‘loudness’ of your energy.”

And so I ended my diet with the stone that sparked my crystal collection aka obsession so many years ago.

For my morning meditation, I was instructed to create a grid around me, comprised of six Clear Quartz crystals while holding a seventh crystal in my hand. I’ve made many a crystal grid, but I’ve never sat inside one before. This step was easily accomplished by placing the crystals on the floor around my meditation chair and I felt like my batteries were being recharged. It was an enjoyable experience.

Not so easy was this: Sleep in the grid at night, with the single crystal in your left hand.

Uh oh. This could pose a problem. You see, I move around when I sleep. A lot. So I couldn’t fathom how I might continue to hold the crystal while I was thrashing about and doing my dreamwork. It just wasn’t practical.

Fortunately, the solution presented itself. I wore a Clear Quartz Crystal point pendant and placed the six crystals on the floor around my bed. Did I receive ample amplification while sleeping? Yes, I think so.

How is my energy now?

I won’t say I experienced a deep transformation from doing the Crystal Diet, but there was an uplifting energy shift and I think we all feel better now.

Overall, Samaya’s mindful approach gave me a new perspective, a new appreciation for each and every one of my crystal family without being obsessively dependent upon them. My stones are my teachers, not my minions.

I realize that everything on earth is borrowed; there really is no “mine.” One day I may offer the majority of my crystals for adoption so that other people may enjoy them.

I’m not ready for that major step yet, but maybe someday…

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