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"In the story of Inn Lak’ech, we follow a bright young girl named Elm as she undertakes an Odysseus-like voyage away from an idyllic seaside village. The catalysts for her journey are the deaths of her first love and her father. Loss ignites a dark fire in her soul that leads her into a marine otherworld where she devolves, using wizardry to wreak havoc and eventually self-destruct. This is a touching and dramatic story, told through whimsical settings, delightful characters, and a quick pace. As was true in Odysseus’ tale, what makes the journey away from home most meaningful is the return. Elm is rescued by a woman named Seraphina, who takes her to the remote Inn Lak’ech. There Elm undergoes a series of activities designed to awaken her from the seeming nightmare in which she finds herself. These experiences involve psychological, physical, and spiritual transformation, with respect to New Age modalities. Elm’s story can be a map for struggling young adults, but also to those of us who have lost our way later in life, who have wandered away from “home” and yearn to return to a brighter outlook on life, for freedom from grief, isolation, and negativity."

--Robin Gregory, award-winning author of The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman



"Eleyne-Mari Sharp is taking evolutionary concepts into the teenage market, with her new book, Inn Lak’ech. Each young adult who reads this book will be inspired to learn more about possibilities and other realities. She has woven together an intriguing story, full of enlightened concepts!" 

--Pia Orleane, Ph.D. and Cullen Baird Smith, authors of Conversations With Laarkmaa and Remembering Who We Are



"This book made me weep! In all my years of hosting Angel Talk Cafe, I have never felt so emotional after reading a guest’s book. But Inn Lak'ech: A Journey to the Realm of Oneness is not just any novel— it’s a healer. Unfortunately, my relationship with my mother was extremely difficult for many years and she made her transition without us reconciling. My childhood was very difficult. I thought the deep emotional pain, abuse, and betrayals would never heal. I laughed and cried my way through this book. It’s mystical, magical, and full of insights and spiritual understanding. For me personally, Inn Lak’ech is spiritual medicine. I am no longer tethered to the emotional pain, anger or resentment — I feel inner peace, joy, and gratitude!" 

--Joy Barker, host of Angel Talk Cafe radio show



"Sharp weaves a coming-of-age tale of forgiveness and love. Fans of personal development fables and all things metaphysical are sure to be drawn in to this beautiful story." 

--Nina Walker, best-selling YA author of The Color Alchemist series



"In Inn Lak’ech, Elm Sunday is a teen living in the seaside town of Little Blessing. We get to know this town and its inhabitants intimately (and for anyone who has lived in a small town, it just feels right). Elm’s life is shattered when her boyfriend is murdered and later her father dies. Young adult defiance and rebellion send Elm spiraling down. How does the Universe respond? Elm is about to find out. This is a story of connection, loss and grief, and redemption. Well imagined and well executed! Ms. Sharp brings her experience and understanding of the metaphysical to a work that teens and adults can both enjoy. The book allows for deep questioning and searching. Nicely done!"

--Ellis Nelson, author of Elephants Never Forgotten



"Lovely and affirming story about death, loss, and finding one's way. I found this very charming and emotional, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a positive, reflective journey as they follow Elm along on hers."

--Cecily Wolfe, author of the Cliff Walk Courtships series 


"I have always been someone who needs color in their life. This book, which says memoir, is that but it is also a guide to adding or considering the colors in your life and the effects they can have on your moods. In addition to memories and short stories from the author the chapters also include ones on Exercise – things you can work on to enhance your life and Meditation – ideas to contemplate to enhance you mental health. I think this would make an excellent audio book as the sections on meditation would have been even more enjoyable if someone was reading it to me so I could visualize at the same time. This author has done a really nice job of making the reader think about color and its powerful effects."

--Jennie Rosenblum, blogger,

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